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The ICB has been supporting the implementation of the Pharmacy First Service which launched on 31st January this year. In lieu of a GP toolkit, which is in development by NHS England, they have adapted a slide pack that may help support practices to better understand the Pharmacy First service and how to continue/begin to make referrals into community pharmacy.

Please do share them with anyone that would benefit from the content:

GP Practice – Protocols for Clinical Pathways developed by Derwent Pharmacy

Derwent Impetigo referral protocol

Derwent Infected insect bite referral protocol

Derwent Otitis media referral protocol

Derwent Shingles referral protocol

Derwent Sinusitis referral protocol

Derwent Sore throat referral protocol

Derwent UTI referral protocol

GP NHS mail Referral template

CPNY Non Official PF email referral template_