About Us

Community Pharmacy North Yorkshire represents all NHS pharmacy contractors in the North Yorkshire and City of York area and deals with all pharmacy matters arising from any health and social care organisation. Thus, ensuring fairness and transparency when agreeing local pharmacy services.

We are recognised by the NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and are consulted on local matters affecting pharmacy contractors.

CPNY is constituted according to the model constitution set out by Community Pharmacy England (CPE) and operates within a corporate governance and accountability framework.

Declarations of interest from members are brought to each LPC meeting and updated whenever necessary. Members declaring an interest withdraw from the meeting for specific items when necessary.

Funding for CPNY is derived from a levy paid by all pharmacy contractors in the area.  Both the model constitution and the accountability framework, setting out the specific responsibilities of the committee and its financial arrangements, can be viewed on the CPE website.