Priory Pharmacy Covid Booster poster



CoY Flyer for Pharmacies Volunteer Responders

CPNY Covid Vaccine letter to Contractors

Community Pharmacy Advert for Staff – Mass Flu

NYCC PH Commissioned Services BRIEFING Aug 20

Shop Face Covering Poster 1

Shop Face Covering Poster 2

NYCC Letter – Community Pharmacy 15.7.2020

Letter to Community Pharmacists

North Yorkshire LRF PPE Panel Guidance (V6)

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Test and Trace Poster 2

Test and Trace Poster 1

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MP Template Email 

IDAS services

IDAS Ten point response

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HEE MPharm student deployment joint guidance April 2020

Stop Smoking Services Joint Statement 17th April 2020

Dispensing Reg 61 Joint Letter 16.04.2020

Using text messages for urgent matters Joint Letter 16.04.2020

EPS Go-Live Joint Letter 16.04.2020

Access to EOL drugs NYY CCGs

Covid Indemnity

LMC LPC CCG joint letter – 2nd April 2020

NSDR PPE Comms 31-03-20

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FINAL Guidance on safe switching of warfarin to DOAC COVID-19 Mar 2020

PharmOutcomes User Guide – Operational Status Reporting

Pharmacy SIT Report 25-03-20

NY PH Letter V1.1 250320

Coronavirus poster 6

NSDR Letter

WY Pharmacy Covid 19 SOP Contact list

NY Pharmacy Covid 19 SOP Contact list.090320Novel Coronavirus Advice for Primary Care