Flu Vaccination Service

The national influenza vaccination programme for winter 2018/19 has been confirmed and The Flu Plan – published by the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England –  sets out a coordinated and evidence-based approach to planning for, and responding to, the demands of influenza across England.

A supporting letter for healthcare professionals, issued in conjunction with the Flu Plan, is also published annually.

The Annual Flu Letter(s) and Annual Flu Plan for 2018/19 will be added to this page as and when published:

Annual Flu Letter 2018/19 (1)

Service Specification 2018-19

PGD 2018-19

How to Run an Effective Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Clinic

As flu vaccinations has become a key service provided by CPNY pharmacy contractors, a guide has been created to make sure you run your clinic as effectively as possible.

The following document was produced by Syd Bashford, of Scarborough Delivery Chemist, and contains his top tips:

How to Run an Effective Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Clinic


Please download these posters to display in and around your pharmacy to increase awareness that main carers and pregnant women are eligible for the free flu jab. Also a general poster promoting the service:

CPNY Flu Jab – General Poster

CPNY Flu Jab – Carers Poster

CPNY Flu Jab – Pregnant Poster

CPNY Flu Jab – Not Too Late Poster