Interim Enhanced Flu Service 2015/16 to Aid Delay in National Advanced Flu Service

In view of the delay and uncertain timescale of the national Advanced Flu Service, NHS England – North (Yorkshire and Humber) has decided to issue a local Enhanced Service (for all parts of Yorkshire and the Humber) pending the national Advanced Service being issued, with the latter then to supersede the former as soon as it is available.

NHS England – North (Yorkshire and Humber) are now working urgently to issue the relevant local Enhanced Service documents directly to pharmacies by post, the LPCs’ websites and also by e-mail via the LPCs. The SLA is now available (see below), but unfortunately the local sign-off of the national PGD will now not be possible until 1st September 2015. As soon as it is signed off, the PGD will then be placed on the LPCs’ websites so pharmacies can access it as quickly as possible.

Please ensure you read the Interim Enhanced Service Letter from Dr Phil Kirby, Screening and Immunisation Lead (North Yorkshire and Humber) NHS England, below.

There is intention to make PharmOutcomes available once again in the North Yorkshire and Humber regions to support the service delivery and information flows, and the costs of doing so are being discussed.

Official documents:

Interim Yorkshire & Humber Pharmacy Flu Service – SLA 2015 16

Pharmacy Flu Campaign – Interim Enhanced Service Letter 2015-16