Tick a few jobs off your list!!

Tick a few jobs off your list in January!

Now that the Christmas rush is over and the leftovers have all been eaten, it may be a good opportunity to tick a few jobs off the to-do list. Here are some suggestions:

  • Complete a clinical audit – If you’ve not completed an annual clinical audit yet why not complete the Acute Kidney Injury audit. This is freely available on PharmOutcomes to all pharmacy contractors in England. Remember you will need to have completed a clinical audit by the end of March 2016.
  • Update your NHS Choices profile page – Your NHS Choices profile may provide the first impression of your pharmacy to members of the public and so it is vital to ensure it is kept up-to-date. Information on how to update your page can be found on the NHS Choices page on our website.
  • Conduct your annual Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire – This needs to be completed by the end of March 2016. Further information to support contractors can be found on the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire page on our website.
  • Make a plan for hitting your 400 MUR limit – There’s three months to go till the end of the financial year so if you’re not on target for hitting the 400 MUR limit, why not have a think to see if there’s any changes you can make to the way you are recruiting patients for MURs to try and increase your numbers. Also have a look at the type of MURs provided; remember 70% of MURs within the financial year need to be carried out on patients in one or more of the national target groups.
  • Complete the CPPE consultation skills for practice training – Pharmacists who have been providing the national flu vaccination service will have declared in the Declaration of Competence that they meet or are actively working towards the consultation skills standards so if you are still working on this, why not use this opportunity to get it completed. Other pharmacists who have not provided the flu service and pharmacy technicians would also benefit from the consultation skills training; further details are available on the Consultation Skills for Pharmacy Practice website.