Microlife WatchBP Briefing

The NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) has been commissioned by the Department of Health to formulate the Briefing Pack below, which is a summary of the information provided to the Department of Health by Microlife. The technology has been identified by the Innovative Technology Adoption Procurement Programme (iTAPP) as being significant to the NHS Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda and its benefits have been explored at a local, regional or national level in consideration of the benefit of a wider health economy. It is recognised that technology is an enabler of the step‐change innovation needed to make the necessary and significant impact and improvements in healthcare service delivery.

The below technology Briefing Pack is designed to provide comprehensive information and data required to demonstrate how WatchBP Office ABI® can be introduced into local healthcare services to yield real, significant and sustainable benefits to its patients and the healthcare system.

As part of this work, NTAC has consulted with North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus and feedback from this Trust is included in Section 10.

This introduction should have given you a brief insight into the rest of the Briefing Pack, which can be viewed here: Microlife WatchBP Briefing Pack