FREE NPA Webinar – Common Dispensing Errors & How to Avoid Them

Please find below details of the next webinar from the NPA. This is free and can be accessed by all contractors.


To error is human – no matter how good a person is at their job or how complete the pharmacy procedures in place are, dispensing errors may still occur.

When errors are made, particularly when it comes to dispensing medication, they can have grave consequences on a patient’s health outcomes.

In serious cases pharmacy owners are immediately faced with various authorities, as well as possibly having to handle questions from the local or national media. The impact and emotional stress can be far-reaching, from the patient’s family, to the pharmacist and their staff, and the wider community.

To help pharmacy teams to avoid dispensing errors and be better prepared in the event of an error the NPA is hosting a webinar on Tuesday 14th July at 7.30 pm.

Visit the following link to register today:

This webinar will help you to:
• Identify common dispensing errors which occur in community pharmacies and learn from these
• Learn more about the support available from the NPA in the event of a dispensing error
• Identify procedures that you can adopt in your pharmacy to promote good dispensing practices and improve patient safety
• Identify how to manage risks and requirement for reporting errors
• Learn more about NPA’s role as Medicine Safety Officer for independents and how errors can be reported through the NPA
• Learn from the comfort of your home or pharmacy

The speakers for the webinar and their details are provided below:

Leyla Hannbeck


Leyla is the Head of Pharmacy Services at the NPA, leading the Pharmacy Services Team which provides advice and support to members on a range of clinical, legal, ethical, governance, regulatory matters and more.

Glyn Walduck


Glyn is the Head of Claims at the NPA within the Professional Indemnity Team which deals with all matters relating to members’ pharmacy practice indemnity, including (but not limited to) dispensing errors, claims, legal cases, regulatory matters and more.