CPPE End-of-Life Care Workshop for Pharmacists

The local workshop will take place on Wednesday 10th June 2015 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Scarborough Campus Conference Centre (ref 43958). Light buffet served from 6:30pm. Book your place now at www.cppe.ac.uk or by telephone 0161 778 4000.

On 15 March 2015 the House of Commons Health Committee published the End-of-life care report. This report highlights great variation in quality and practice of support and care provided to patients requiring palliative care across both acute and community settings. It makes a number of recommendations, including:
• Improving communication with patients and their family members.
• Talking to patients and their family members about choice of medicines and options for treatment.
• Ensuring that social care is free at the end of life.

As a pharmacy professional in any sector you are in a position to help patients in need of palliative care and to support their family members and carers too. Some of the recommendations from the report mentioned above will take time to implement, but there are changes you can make to your practice now to support patients in need of palliative care.

This semester our focal point workshop is on palliative care. Come along to this workshop to look at how you can support patients, their family members and carers in discussing their condition, choice of medicines, duration and withdrawal of treatment. Book your place at your local workshop today and start to make a difference now.