Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Advanced Service 15/16 Announced

As you may be aware, PSNC recently announced the commissioning of a flu vaccination advanced service.

PSNC has reached agreement with the NHS on a community pharmacy funding settlement worth £2.8 billion for the 2015/16 financial year. The agreement sees the introduction of a new Advanced Service – a flu vaccination service – along with some changes to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).

Detailed information, including a series of PSNC Briefings which have been written to help contractors to understand the agreement, new service and changes to the CPCF, are available at:

Please see here a detailed briefing with FAQs that we highly recommend you read: PSNC Briefing – Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Advanced Service 2015-16


In order to support you to provide this important service CPNY has negotiated exclusive vaccination training events at a discounted rate and these will be available via two modes of delivery:

Delivery Mode 1

All day training – Practical and theory in one session

Delivery Mode 2

Evening training – Practical and theory online

Both modules cover the theory and practical skills required for immunisation, basic life support, recognition and management of anaphylaxis, and administration of vaccines via both intra-muscular and sub-cutaneous routes. They will equip pharmacists with the knowledge and skills required to provide a flu vaccination service, either as a private service, or as an NHS-commissioned service.

Pharmacists signing up for this training will be provided with a private patient group direction (PGD) for flu vaccine.

To sign up to these training events please visit:

For online refresher courses please visit: