LPC AGM and GPhC Standards event

17th July 2014 7.15pm

Crown Hotel Boroughbridge

flyer AGM Event July 2014

Presentation from the event; Modernising pharmacy regulation – Helen Jackson

The event was very well attended. Here is the summary from an LPC member, Bhavin Morjaria;

The main point I would stress is that we need to make sure all our members of staff understand why they do what they do, and the importance of their role within the pharmacy to ensure safety. Staff need to be aware that during the inspection they will play a huge part in how the pharmacy is reflected and consequently the award given.

It is clearly important your paperwork is up to date and in order. Risk is a major factor and we need to assess and control our risk in accordance with the services we provide to our patients and the number of items we dispense.

Do not be alarmed with the length of the inspection as it may take 4 hours, or disheartened if you are awarded a satisfactory rating. Only a few pharmacies have achieved a good rating and none with an excellent rating to date. This process is still in its prototype phase, and there will be an opportunity to see what ‘good’ looks like, to allow us to ensure that on next inspection we achieve this or the desired excellent status.

Check the GPhC has the correct email address for your pharmacy, the superintendent and the pharmacy owner as the follow up correspondence will be conducted electronically.