– Blood Glucose Monitoring FAQs

Q. Why do I have to change the blood glucose monitoring meter I use?

A. The clinical commissioning group spends over £350,000 on test strips each year in Scarborough and Ryedale and can make savings to reinvest in new services by changing the model of meter.

Q. How do I know the new meter is as good as mine?

A. Independent reviews have taken place and the hospital consultants and specialist nurses at York Foundation Hospital and Scarborough Hospital were involved in the review.

Q. Which patients can use the new type of meter?

A. Your GP and Practice Nurse will have assessed whether the new meter is suitable for you but patients with Type 2 diabetes and over the age of 18 years can usually use this meter.
Examples of patients who it is not suitable for include patients with Type 1 Diabetes, those with gestational diabetes (i.e. in pregnancy); or those using an insulin pump.

Q. Are there different styles of meter?

A. Yes. There are 3 styles of meter depending on your need.
The GlucoRx Nexus Meter is the standard meter but a more slim line or a talking model is available. If you would prefer one of these models they will be available free of charge and you should talk to your Practice Nurse.

Q. Do I need new test strips?

A. Yes. Your Doctor will prescribe the test strips which should be used with the GlucoRx meter. It is important that correct strips are used.

Q. Do I need new needles and lancets?

A. Yes. Your prescription will be changed to the new needles and lancets.

Q. What do I do with the old meter, test strips, needles and lancets?

A. We do not want to waste these so you can use up your remaining supplies of strips, needles and lancets before starting to use the new meter.

Q. How will I know how to use the new meter?

A. Training sessions will be arranged at your practice where you will be helped to use your new meter. Instructions to book on the sessions are included in your letter. If you are not able to attend the training session and need some help please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse or contact your community pharmacist who has been told about the changes.

Q. How will the community pharmacist know about the change?

A. Your computer records at your practice have already been changed to GlucoRx Nexus strips, lancets and needles so you should have no trouble ordering these when you have used up your supply.

Q. What if I don’t think this applies to me?

A. Please contact your practice as soon as possible

Q. What if I have further questions and want more information?

A. The GlucoRx team are available to help and you can contact them on 01483 755 133 or contact your practice to discuss your concerns.