Bank/Public Holiday Pharmacy Rotas

North Yorkshire & Humber Draft Rota (excluding Harrogate CCG and AWC CCG pharmacies)

NY & Humber Xmas New Year 2018-19 DRAFT 2


Harrogate & Rural District Pharmacies – Expressions of Interest for Christmas Day Opening

HaRD EOI Letter

HaRD Return Form Pharmacy Extended Hours


Community Pharmacy Rotas (for planning purposes but not final versions)

Bank Holiday Rota 2017-Easter 2020 Scarborough

Bank Holiday Rota 2017-Easter 2020 York

Bank Holiday Rota 2017 – Easter 2020 Northallerton

Bank Holiday Rota 2017 – Easter 2020 Selby

Bank Holiday Rota 2017 – Easter 2020 Whitby

Bank Holiday Rota 2017 – Easter 2020 Catterick and Colburn

Bank Holiday Rota 2017 – Easter 2020 Malton and Norton

Bank Holiday Rota Easter 2018 – New Yrs Day 2019 Skipton

Bank Holiday Rota August 2018 – New Yrs Day 2019 Harrogate V2


Please fill in the Pharmacy Opening Notification Template to be displayed in your shop window so that customers can clearly see where their nearest open pharmacy is during a bank/public holiday period.