– Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for Pregnant Women (& other Eligible Patients)

Please see below the SLA which has been sent to community pharmacists which were identified to take part in City of York Council’s pilot to provide free NRT to pregnant women.  In addition to this, a ‘hardship fund’ has been introduced to support smokers who are on very low incomes who may be sourcing their tobacco outside of ‘mainstream outlets’ or using ‘roll your own tobacco’.  To ensure that these residents are not deterred from quitting due to the increased cost of NRT compared with these methods the Public Health Wellness Officers (PHWO) will supply free NRT for two weeks to ease the transition.  The PHWO will assess clients based on a set of criteria for their eligibility for this fund, and the pharmacist is not required to do anything extra.  Reimbursement for any products provided to clients in receipt of this fund will be made via PharmOutcomes.



 3.1.1 The Provider agrees that where it receives PharmOutcomes Contact and it then decides to provide the related NRT Product to the Customer that it shall submit a Claim to the Council in accordance with Schedule 3.

 3.1.2 The Provider acknowledges that Claims can only be made under this Agreement in connection with NRT Products it provides to Customers at the specified Community Pharmacy.

 3.1.3 The Provider shall make any Claims by the 9th day of a month.

 3.2.1 The Provider also agrees that it shall: provide any NRT Products to Customers in accordance with any respective product licences, including regarding appropriate dosage and dosage reduction. at all times ensure it, the Community Pharmacy and any related staff comply with the standards at Schedule 4 in connection with this Agreement and when dealing with Customers; and ensure all staff at the Community Pharmacy engaged in delivering NRT Products to Customers:

 (i) cooperate with any Council led assessment of the Provider‟s provision of NRT Products to Customers; and

 (ii) inform Public Health Wellbeing Officers and the Council of any problems that arise relating to the Provider‟s provision of NRT Products to Customers.